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October 10, 2009, 11:34 pm
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Columbus LoveSac, and we love him too!
Columbus LoveSac, and we love him too!


Whoever said Columbus Day wasn’t a day to celebrate?!

This weekend only, Lovesac is running an INSANE sale. 

How insane?

Insanely good! If you come into our store and are looking to purchase a sac, you can get it 25% off with the purchase of a cover! That’s right, simply get a  cover and you can save up to $140 on your purchase. Not only that, but you can get 90 days no interest no payments on your purchase if you’re approved for our LoveSac Credit Card! So seriously, why are you still at home on your sofa when you can come in, save tons of money, and then go home and sit on your sac…which you got for an amazing deal.

So like we said before, who says Columbus day isn’t an awesome holiday to celebrate?

See you soon!

Northridge Team